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    Unica Fastcom is the Datacenter Specialist based in the Netherlands that realizes intelligent, technologically advanced Datacenters in Europe.


    The world is changing and the IT landscape is changing along with it. The demand for data and network grows exponentially and to facilitate this, we need Datacenters.


    For more than 20 years Unica Fastcom has been engineering, constructing, commissioning, configuring, maintaining and optimizing Datacenters.

    We also implement white space and infrastructure and facilitate secure storage of data. That is how we contribute to a better and still growing digital world.

  • Data Center Lifecycle Management

    We have the experience and skills and we are involved all the way from design through to maintenance

    Large or small, simple or complex. We support our Clients, as General Contractor, with all their Datacenter solution challenges, from A to Z, and ensure them that their Datacenter satisfies their needs in years to come. Whether it is a greenfield turnkey project constructing a Datacenter for colocation, designing & engineering modifications for a telecom company or expanding computer rooms within enterprises, Unica Fastcom is your Datacenter Specialist. Some think as far as tomorrow, we think years ahead. Not only do we embrace a can-do attitude, we make it happen!


    Clients consult us when it comes to designing and engineering their sustainable Datacenters. We keep focus on their initial and future needs. Since consultancy is more than just the design, we advise clients throughout the entire process.


    We start with the end result in mind. When constructing Datacenters we focus on the specific technique involved. The building itself should protect, facilitate and support all of the necessary technical installations. Technology is paramount.


    Our job is not done after completion and commissioning. With our operational services we provide optimum continuity and ensure the efficiency of our Clients’ Datacenters ultimately resulting in a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


    We will provide an in-depth preventative maintenance proposal. This is specifically designed to keep a Client’s electrical, mechanical and infrastructure Datacenter system working for years to come and to minimize possible downtime.


  • International Clients

    As Datacenter professionals, we support our local and global Clients with sustainable technological solutions. Our Clients can be found in all segments: Hyperscales, Colocations, Telco’s and Enterprises.

    A few of our satisfied recurring Clients are KPN, Equinix, Level3 Communications, Interoute, Deloitte, Ziggo, Allianz, Booking.com, EON, DHL, several public and government organizations, hospitals as well as various other Special Purpose Buildings.

  • Why clients choose us

    Complex engineering is our core business. As General Contractor we work with our Clients to jointly deliver our projects and provide full transparency into all activities. It is our aim to maintain strong, long-term relationships with our Clients.


    Together with our Partners, we deliver innovative solutions. Future-proof Datacenters have a longer life span, which results in a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

    Technology first

    Unlike many construction companies, we put engineering first. Technology is the reason for the existence of Datacenters and therefore deserves top priority.

    On time

    We are keen and proud to deliver our projects on time and do our utmost when it comes to planning. Always and everywhere. This is unique in the market and typically Unica Fastcom.

    Short lines

    Clients have a fixed contact person, which eases communication. Moreover, we control the planning and management ourselves, which allows us to move quickly.

    Best practices

    Our multidisciplinary team covers the complete Data Center Life Cycle Model. We make use of best practices including all our knowledge and experience.


    Unica Fastcom is the number one Datacenter Specialist in the Netherlands and we are capable to serve our international Clients throughout Europe.

  • Team & Partners

    Unica Fastcom is a talent-oriented company. Our highly skilled teams are driven by curiosity, technology and innovation. Together they cover the complete Data Center Life Cycle Model. We share knowledge and make use of each other’s skills and experience. That is how we continue to create state-of-the-art Datacenters.


    Unica Fastcom, as part of the Unica Groep, thrives by cooperation. It is one of our core strengths: we really know how to work together and have the ambition to be inventive and progressive, while providing the best service in a no-nonsense way. We have a strong partner network, including all major Datacenter vendors involved in disruptive technology. This allows us access to relevant detailed information and the best purchase conditions.

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